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Clinical Negligence

MTB have been one of Northern Ireland’s leading clinical negligence practices for over 25 years and has secured some of the highest awards of damages for victims of clinical negligence. Department head, Ernie Telford, is acknowledged in the Chambers & Partners Guide to the Legal Profession as being a leader in the field of clinical negligence litigation.

We all rely on the expertise offered by doctors, dentists, optometrists and other medical professionals but there are times when things go wrong and the care and treatment that has been provided falls below an acceptable standard.  The consequences that can follow, when medical treatment and procedures are flawed, can be catastrophic both in terms of the personal injuries that result, but also in terms of our confidence in the medical profession as a whole.

Clinical negligence cases are, by their very nature, complex matters requiring specialist knowledge and experience that are essential in ascertaining what went wrong and why.  MTB’s Solicitors have the expertise and experience necessary to put in place the building blocks necessary to ensure that a successful claim for compensation can be made and that the healthcare providers, upon which we all rely, can learn from their mistakes.

When life changing injuries are suffered as a result of clinical negligence, MTB’s considerable expertise is employed to ensure that financial provision is made for the future needs of those clients who have such injuries are met and that they can have access to the care and equipment they need.

MTB provide comprehensive advice in relation to matters involving a wide range of clinical disciplines including:

  • Cerebral palsy and child brain injury claims
  • Pregnancy, antenatal, perinatal and postnatal injury claims
  • Adult brain injury claims
  • Orthopaedic and amputation claims
  • Surgical claims
  • Cancer claims
  • Erroneous and late diagnosis claims
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Ophthalmic and laser eye surgery claims
  • Hospital infections such as MRSA and C. difficile
  • Nursing and care home claims
  • Claims arising from the provision of prescriptions
  • Representation at inquests and other such enquiries

The costs involved in bringing a successful clinical negligence claim can, in the vast majority of cases, be recovered from the health trust, care provider or the at fault party but, in any event, MTB offer a free initial consultation to all our clients at which we will provide an assessment of the prospects of the success, what is involved and an estimate of how long the process will take.

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