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Professional Negligence

MTB have a longstanding reputation for the provision of top class advice to clients who have suffered a loss as a result of the negligent advice given by other professionals.  When an individual retains the services of a professional person such as an architect, accountant, financial advisor or solicitor, it is essential that the advice or services delivered meet the standards of the industry in which they operate.  Professional people are generally retained to deal with issues and transactions that are of particular importance to their clients and therefore, when situations arise where the advice or service falls below an acceptable standard, the impact upon the clients can be significant.

Many professionals are regulated by their professional bodies who can deal with complaints but there will be times when clients are left with no option but to turn to solicitors to assist them in rectifying the mistakes of the professional advisors or, where that is not possible, to seek compensation.

At MTB we recognise that, where our clients have deemed it necessary to seek the advice of a professional in the first place, it is indicative of how important the issue is to them.  We are mindful of the need to take action as quickly as possible whilst always taking into account what exactly it is our clients want to achieve.

We offer comprehensive advice in all areas of professional negligence including:

  • Mis-selling of financial products such as PPI insurance claims
  • Mis-selling of investment products to retail investors such as unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS) and other investment products that should only be promoted to “sophisticated investors”
  • Negligence of architects
  • Negligence of engineers, surveyors etc.
  • Negligence of accountants
  • Negligence of solicitors

In many cases the costs incurred in bringing a claim can be recovered from the negligent professional.  If you have suffered a loss as a result of poor advice, or in relation to a transaction that was carried out negligently, we offer a free initial consultation with a view to establishing whether you have a viable claim, what is likely to be involved and an estimate of the likely time scale for resolution.

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