AIRBNB – things to consider before you ‘host’!

Airbnb, which started in San Francisco with a small apartment and an inflatable air bed, now has approximately 100 million users worldwide. Here, in Northern Ireland, there are hundreds of active rentals on the Airbnb website with many homeowners deciding to let out all or part of their properties during certain periods of the year. Read more

Belfast accountant fined for providing inadequate advice for pension transfers

In a recent Financial Conduct Authority press release it emerged that a Belfast accountant was fined £75,000.00 for providing inadequate advice to clients when they were advising on pension transfers.

Many of us seek financial advice from accountants and financial advisors in relation to a wide range of products and investments that are on offer in the marketplace today. Read more

Changing the terms and conditions of an employment contract – the facts!

The challenges of running a business in a fast changing environment, together with ensuring stability for employees, can sometimes lead to problems if an employer wishes to vary the terms of an employee’s contract, eg holiday entitlement, working hours, duties or location. Read more

MPs approve extension of non-jury trials in NI

Throughout ‘the Troubles’ jury tampering was a major issue and so, in 1972, Diplock (non-jury) courts were established. Non-jury courts were abolished in 2007, save that the Justice and Security (NI) Order 2007 provided the Director of Public Prosecutions the power to order a Judge only trial in exceptional circumstances. Read more

90% of children in NI re-offend within one year of being released

The BBC reported today that nine out of 10 children in Northern Ireland who served a custodial sentence after breaking the law in 2013-2014 re-offended within a year of being released.

If your child gets in trouble with the authorities, and has to attend a police interview or go to court, it is essential that they have the right representation to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for them. Read more

MTB Team Takes Part In Runway Run!

A team from MTB successfully completed the third annual Grant Thornton Runway Run at Belfast City Airport on Thursday past. The event is a team 5km run along the runway for teams of four, where the individual times are added together. Read more

Social Media: the rights of employees to post on personal social media accounts

The US singer-songwriter Katy Perry has become the first person to reach 100m followers on Twitter.

This statement is emblematic of the rise of social media and its pervasiveness in our everyday lives. In the context of the employment relationship, and in the absence of a clear social media policy for employees, the law is not black and white but different shades of grey as emphasised by the following 2 decisions:

  • Crisp v Apple Retail (UK) Ltd ET/1500258/11 In this case, one of the world’s most prominent consumer technology companies, Apple, used its policies and procedures to dismiss fairly an employee who had made several Facebook posts that it considered could damage its reputation.
Read more

Brexit – will workers’ rights be affected?

Whether you voted for “Brexit” or not in the referendum on the 23rd June 2016, there was a 51.89% majority decision to leave the European Union. The Prime Minister subsequently triggered Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union to invoke exit procedures for Britain to leave the EU. Read more

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – I do or I don’t?

Phil Collins has reportedly blasted the use of pre-nuptial agreements as unethical despite having had to pay out on two multi-million pound settlements to his two ex-wives.

We will all have heard of pre-nuptial agreements but, to most of us, they are considered as something only the rich and famous enter into.  Read more

RTAs in ROI – MTB has you covered!

It’s that time of year again, when we become experts on the weather forecast; the summer wardrobe is removed from storage; and the barbecue is fired up for some al fresco dining.

Some of us will be jetting off to sunnier climes for our holidays and others will enjoy a staycation on our own fair isle and whilst it’s not nice to think about things going wrong when you’re on holiday, unfortunately mishaps can occur. Read more

MTB’s Client Continues To Grow

MTB’s commercial team has advised the Belfast-headquartered Connect Telecoms on its 3 recent acquisitions of companies in England and Scotland. MTB provided Connect Telecoms with specialist, partner-led advice in relation to all aspects of these transactions. Read more

Liquor Licensing – Are You Ready for Renewal?



R – Requirement under The Licensing (NI) Order 1996 to renew all liquor licences every 5 years.

E – Even where a new liquor licence has been granted within the last five years, an application to renew these liquor licences must be made. Read more

Holywood Harmony Festival Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th June 2017


MTB Solicitors are proud sponsors of the Holywood Harmony Festival which is taking place on Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th June 2017. Come see Hothouse Flowers, Ulaid & Duke Special, Gareth Dunlop, Dana Masters, Emerald Armada and many more! Read more

Setanta Insurance – the end of the road?

The Supreme Court in Ireland has found in favour of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) in the long running litigation to determine who should clean up the mess left by the collapse of Setanta Insurance.  Read more

When billionaires divorce

A wife says to her husband, “I’m not happy in our marriage”,

The husbands says “ok, how about I buy us a holiday home in the South of France, we could spend some quality time together away from every day strains and stresses”,

She tells him, “no, that isn’t going to fix the problem”,

“Ok then” he says, “how about a yacht so we can go sailing around the Mediterranean?”

Again, she says “no, that isn’t going to fix the problem either”,

He says…..”I’ve offered you a holiday home in the South of France, a yacht to sail around the Mediterranean, what more could you possibly want?”

Her reply…..”a DIVORCE”

And his reply……”WHAT? Read more

MTB team go the distance for charity!

On Friday 12th May last, MTB partners and staff participated in the Law Society Legal Walk/Run in aid of a very worthy cause, Marie Curie Cancer. This was the first year that the Law Society has organised such an event and a large crowd of solicitors, barristers and even members of the judiciary joined in the fun on what was a sunny Friday afternoon. Read more

Plan for tomorrow – make your Will today

MTB Solicitors is proud to support the Forever Friend campaign in aid of Friends of the Cancer Centre. From 22-26 May 2017, MTB Solicitors will make a donation to this fantastic local cancer charity for each Will we draft or update.  

Read more

Inheritance Tax Update – New “Residence Nil Rate Band”

New legislation has recently come into operation which will, in some cases, reduce the amount of tax due on the transmission of a person’s estate following their death. Currently, each person can leave up to £325,000 before tax is payable on their estate and this tax free allowance is known as the “nil-rate band”.  Read more

Ex-Special Branch men named in ombudsman documents

MTB’s Ernie Waterworth has spoken to the News Letter. Read the full article here: Read more

MIB explained


Would it seem a bit ‘alien’ if I told you that approximately £15-£30 of your motor insurance premium went to the MIB? No…..not to those guys, to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau!! Strangely, the Bureau may also be able to help if you are involved in an accident with a UFO…. Read more