Domestic Violence – Clare’s Law equivalent launched in Northern Ireland

A scheme which allows men and women to discover if their partner has a history of violence has been brought into Northern Ireland.

The Domestic Violence and Abuse Disclosure Scheme, aimed at preventing abuse and violence in the home, allows the police to disclose information on request about a partner’s previous history of domestic violence or violent acts. Read more

GDPR – Are you up to speed?

Read more

Police interviews – get a solicitor!

Every person who is to be interviewed as a suspect in a criminal case, generally by the PSNI, is entitled to FREE legal advice for that interview or series of interviews. Many people, however, do not realise that they are actually suspects unless they have been arrested. Read more

April Showers – Are you buying a new home but are concerned about potential flooding issues?

After the Easter washout it feels like everywhere is soaked through. If you have been viewing a property in the recent weather it may have been easier to identify if there were any drainage issues at the property but often these are not apparent on initial inspection. Read more

New Court ruling may see the end of ‘Meal Ticket For Life’ settlements

The Court of Appeal in England handed down their judgement in the Waggot divorce case this week, with the decision signifying a sea change in how courts regard maintenance.


Kim Waggot, split from her multimillionaire husband William Waggot, the finance director of TUI Travel, in 2012. Read more

Happy Easter from MTB!

MTB held an Easter Raffle this week in aid of NI Chest, Heart and Stroke. We raised £287 for this fantastic charity and hope to raise much more from various fundraising events in the coming months. Read more


Emily Matlis, the Newsnight presenter, recently spoke of her stalker ordeal after twenty years of harassment. She said it was like a chronic illness. The well-known pop musician, Lily Allen, was stalked for seven years culminating in the stalker breaking into her home. Read more

Step by Step Guide to buying / selling a property in Northern Ireland

A new initiative has been jointly launched by The Law Society of Northern Ireland, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (NI) and the National Association of Estate Agents (NI), which aims to make the process of buying and selling a home in Northern Ireland much smoother for consumers. Read more

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulations,  or GDPR, is once again the hot topic of the day after Facebook was asked to explain how data collected on 50million users was exploited for political gain, following claims that data firm Cambridge Analytica used the leaked information to help Donald Trump win the US presidency. Read more

MTB Partners attend Joint Specialist UK200 Group conference

Partners Colin Mitchell and Aleric Turtle recently attended a Joint Specialist Conference hosted by the UK200 Group in London. This was an excellent opportunity to engage with accountancy and legal professionals from across the UK.

Colin commented “Events such as this are invaluable. Read more

Law Society holds Client Consultation competition

One of our partners Colin Mitchell recently sat on the judging panel of the Law Society’s annual Client Consultation competition. The Law Society runs the competition every year which gives law students and trainees the opportunity to test their client communication and interview skills! Read more

International Women’s Day 2018

Today marks International Women’s Day, which has been celebrated for over 100 years and commemorates the movement for women’s rights.

Unbelievably, in 2018, women are still fighting for the right to be treated as equals. The current #metoo campaign – , aims to combat the sexual harassment of women, and the recent BBC gender pay scandal –, highlighted that disparity in pay, based on gender, is still prevalent. Read more


The Department for Infrastructure are clamping down (pardon the pun) on illegal parking in Belfast. Whilst the majority of urban clearways and bus routes operate on the main arterial routes in and out of the city centre in the “rush hour” between 7.30am and 9.30am and 4.30pm-6.30pm, some operate for 24 hours per day. Read more

Beast from the East! Take care out there!

No winter lasts forever …

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking this one is going to take a crack at it.

It’s the second of March and instead of the usual spring is in the air good-feeling, we’re getting the Beast from the East.  Read more

Trials and Tribulations

There are many tactics employed in personal injuries litigation by both sides for the benefit of their clients.  The tender offer or lodgement (a formal offer made by the defendants setting out their settlement terms) is one of the most common defence litigation tactics and it can have serious consequences for the Plaintiff.  Read more

Mental Health & Disability Discrimination- Do You Know your Rights?

In Northern Ireland, 1 in 5 adults and around 45,000 children suffer from a mental illness at any one time. This staggering rate is the highest in the UK and we need to be confident that our Health Trusts are providing the best treatment possible for mental health sufferers. Read more

Police Held Liable for Investigative Failures

In a Supreme Court Judgement handed down on 21st February 2018 it was held that the police were liable to pay compensation to two of the victims of John Worboys, the London black cab driver convicted of numerous sexual offences from 2003-2007. Read more

Gig Economy: Overhaul of Employment Rights

The government has promised changes to employment rights for millions of workers, including holiday and sick pay rights. Many part-time and flexible employees, e.g Uber drivers, will now be classified as workers and the reforms will ensure that these individuals will know exactly what they are entitled to when they start working for a company! Read more

Lisburn coffee firm in joint venture with Chinese business group

Lisburn-based firm Pure Roast Coffee has reached a deal with China Resources, one of China’s biggest business groups, that will see it develop the company’s coffee business across China.

Martin Symington, managing director of Pure Roast Coffee, said “It is an immensely exciting development for us… a tremendous showcase of our premium coffee in China, now the world’s most dynamic marketplace, a market with a rapidly developing coffee culture.”

Mr Symington acknowledged that it took a lot of hard work to get the deal done. Read more

Divorce can unleash pet custody battles

Pets can be a source of huge emotional value. They are often described as being “a member of the family”. What happens, however, when that family splits up. Who gets the pet?

The court considers a pet as a chattel in the same way as it would a car or an expensive painting. Read more