Liquor Licensing – Are You Ready for Renewal?



R – Requirement under The Licensing (NI) Order 1996 to renew all liquor licences every 5 years.

E – Even where a new liquor licence has been granted within the last five years, an application to renew these liquor licences must be made.

N – Necessary preparations for the September 2017 deadline must be made as soon as possible to ensure that all applications for renewal be received by the court and other statutory bodies during the summer period.

E – Ensure your business complies with the current legislation as outlined in the Licensing (Northern Ireland) Order 1996. Failure to renew your liquor licence before the deadline may result in late renewal penalties, the liquor licence being rendered void and it will mean that your business will not be allowed to sell alcohol until the liquor licence has been renewed.

W – Whether you hold an off-licence, pub, restaurant, hotel or conference centre licence; all liquor licences must adhere to the 5-yearly renewal cycle.

A – Alterations – a Liquor Licence can be renewed where no alterations have been made to the licensed premises. However, if alterations have been made to premises without the necessary court application then it is important to seek legal advice on how to proceed.

L – Liquor licence renewal applications take the form of a straightforward application to the Magistrates Court and are often processed administratively by the Clerk of Petty Sessions.

MTB has an experienced licensing team who are happy to discuss the renewal process and any issues relating to your liquor licence and licensed premises.

Colin Mitchell (Partner) of MTB has wide experience in licensing matters, acting for members of the Hospitality Industry in Northern Ireland. Colin is also the co-editor of both the 2012 and 2015 editions of the Guide to Liquor Licensing in Northern Ireland published by Hospitality Ulster.


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