Have your say, demand equal pay!

The issue of equal pay has been thrust into the limelight recently as it emerged that the BBC’s top earner, radio presenter Chris Evans, is paid more than four times the salary of the corporation’s highest earning woman, Claudia Winkleman.  This revelation has led to the female stars of the BBC calling for the organisation to correct the disparity over gender pay.

So, what is the law regarding gender pay? In short both men and women, in the same employment, should be treated equally if they are doing:

  • work which is the same or broadly similar (known as “like work”);
  • work related as equivalent under a job evaluation scheme (known as “work rated as equivalent”); or
  • work which is different but which is of “equal value” in terms of the demands of the jobs (knows as “work of equal value”)

The above has been simplified but the law surrounding equal pay can be complicated at times. If you think that you are being paid less than the opposite gender for similar work please contact our team of Employment Solicitors immediately for advice.