Thousands Affected by Ryanair Cancellation Chaos Entitled to Redress

After the announcement earlier this month that Ryanair had cancelled 2,100 flights due to an anticipated shortage of flight crew, the airline has now announced that a further 18,000 flights, scheduled from November to March, are to be cancelled. A total of 34 European routes will be suspended, including our local Belfast to Gatwick service which has been extremely popular since its introduction. The updated estimate is that the travel arrangements of over 500,000 people will be affected over the coming winter months and Christmas period.

Naturally, the outcry from booked customers has been fervent and widely reported on in the media. The basic rights of cancelled customers are that they are entitled to a full refund of the flight cost. This may include the cost of a full return ticket even if only one leg is affected. Alternatively, if you still wish to travel, Ryanair are obliged to source an alternative flight (the alternative flight can be from another airline provider if the Ryanair alternate option is not suitable) and pay the full ticket cost.

In addition, customers will also be entitled, pursuant to EU Regulations, to set amounts of compensation in some circumstances depending on the flight distance and how long in advance they were notified of the cancellation.

A more detailed explanation of these rights can be found via the link below:-

For many people, getting a refund on the cost of their flights is only the start of their worries when a planned holiday or journey is no longer possible. Aside from the distress and inconvenience experienced by it all, there may be the prospect of non-refundable hotel bookings, car hire, planned activities and other consequential losses. It has been suggested recently in the media that some of the mainstream travel insurers are unlikely to indemnify policyholders affected by Ryanair cancellations for such losses.

If this situation has affected you, our expert litigation team will be able to assist you in recovering your losses. Please feel free to contact us at MTB to arrange a free consultation.