Gig Economy: Overhaul of Employment Rights

The government has promised changes to employment rights for millions of workers, including holiday and sick pay rights. Many part-time and flexible employees, e.g Uber drivers, will now be classified as workers and the reforms will ensure that these individuals will know exactly what they are entitled to when they start working for a company!

The government has stated that it will ensure:

–          Holiday and sick pay entitlements are enforced by HMRC

–          All workers have the right to demand a payslip from their employer

–          Flexible employees are entitled to demand more stable contracts

It is estimated that there are currently 1.1 million people in the UK working in the gig economy across a wide range of sectors. The gig economy includes freelance workers and workers on short-term contracts, where individuals simply get paid for the ‘gigs’ they do.

It is also estimated that many of these gig workers are currently paid below the national minimum wage. The proposed reforms will see a shake-up in definitions and it is hoped that it will result in fairer pay for these workers.

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