Beast from the East! Take care out there!

No winter lasts forever …

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking this one is going to take a crack at it.

It’s the second of March and instead of the usual spring is in the air good-feeling, we’re getting the Beast from the East.  Many have no doubt woken up this morning to a reasonable dusting of snow, strong winds and absolutely baltic temperatures.

Spare a thought for the poor souls in the south of Ireland where a Status Red warning has been put in place ….. on their snow long weekend, lounging in front of the fire, enjoying a bit of daytime TV. It’s not all fun and games, however, as rumour has it that some places have run out of bread, potatoes and milk.  ‘Breadwatch’ is trending on twitter and Brennan’s staff are working overtime to try to meet demand.

Nonetheless a substantial number of us in the north have had to plough on into work regardless either on foot wearing around twenty layers or by car/public transport.  We can’t have been the only ones wondering if work constitutes a ‘necessary journey’.  All joking aside, it’s pretty treacherous out there so stay safe and warm and drive carefully. It’s better to be late than not to arrive at all.  If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident, exchange details with the other driver and take a couple of photos of the locus and damage if you can. This can help to resolves issues at a later stage.  If you need specialist advice feel free to call any of our litigation team.