Discrimination in the work place – have you been affected?

Discrimination in the work place can take many forms and can affect workers in all positions.

Saleem Patka, a Senior Manager at the BBC World Service languages unit, is suing the BBC for race discrimination, claiming that staff earned less simply because of the colour of their skin. Mr Patka, of Indian origin, has been embroiled in the two-year legal battle over his claims that ethnic minority staff were paid £20,000 less than white colleagues, which the Corporation is contesting.

Recently a number of high profile women, including Carrie Gracie and Sarah Montague, were incandescent with rage when they found out male colleagues were paid 50 per cent more to carry out the same job.

People can be discriminated against in the workplace on grounds of race, gender, sex, age, disability and religion. If you have been discriminated against in your place of work, please  contact one of our experienced employment team for advice.