Age Discrimination

An Industrial Tribunal has found that a 63 year old man from Antrim was discriminated against because of his age when trying to apply for a position with Spring and Airbrake Ireland Limited in Nutts Corner, Co.Antrim.

The Tribunal accepted that Mr Matier was told by a member of staff at Spring and Airbrake in February 2018 that they were looking for a younger person who could be trained and “moved upstairs”. Mr Matier then asked if there was any point in continuing the conversation regarding his application to which the staff member stated “no, not really”.

It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a person on grounds of age when determining to whom an offer of employment should be made.

It was found that Mr Matier suffered unlawful discrimination on grounds of his age in relation to the determination of whether he should be offered employment. He was, in effect, not given the opportunity and therefore discriminated against which resulted in injury to feelings. He was awarded £3’155.18 by the Tribunal.

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