Alcohol and Holiday Accidents – Will My Insurance Cover Me?

With the January blues behind us, booking a summer holiday is the next port of call for many. The proverbial dream of sunny skies, sandy beaches and cocktails by the pool can keep us motivated for the next few months.

Prior to leaving on holiday we should ensure that we have adequate travel insurance in place and we should be careful to take note of exactly what is covered (and what is not covered) by it. It has recently been reported by the BBC that some travel insurance policies will not pay out if the policyholder’s accident was caused by excessive alcohol. Headlined ‘Dangerously drunk tourists may not win insurance claims’ it told how one holidaymaker, who fell and hit his head after ‘drinking all night’, failed to receive a pay out as the injury was from an alcohol related incident.

With insurance companies paying out more than £1 Million per day for people who run into trouble overseas they are now taking steps to protect themselves. You should, therefore. always read the small print of your insurance policy.

If you have an accident and your insurer refuses to pay for the medical expenses, you can appeal to the financial ombudsman to make an independent ruling.

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