And we thought wining the lottery was a good thing…!

For most people, even the thought of winning the Lotto is enough to raise our excitement levels never mind actually winning it big time!

Think again….

When Joan Lechleitner won a share in more than $1million on the Pennsylvania lottery things took a turn for the worse for her.

It transpired that Miss Lechleitner, a booker keeper in her local grocery store had been stealing money from her employer; the ill-gotten gains being used to purchase lottery tickets.

Her fiancé and several of her family members were also involved in the scam and are all before the Court at present.

The charges on the indictment included theft, conspiracy, receiving stolen goods, theft by deception, along with tampering with records.

All of the involved parties are now on $25,000 Court bail and are to return back to Court in early July.

Yes, this occurred in the USA however we will all be aware of the recent news headlines regarding a grandmother Susanne Hinte of Worcester who claimed she was the winner of £33 million however had put her “winning” ticket through the washing machine.

This is testament that bizarre goings on like this are not just happening further afield and are more common closer to home than would first appear.

The offences that Joan Lechleitner and the others involved face are serious offences of dishonesty and will of course result in possible imprisonment if they are convicted.

In Northern Ireland we have very similar offences and these are not restricted to people trying to strike it lucky on the lottery by dishonest means. Offences of this nature can arise from simple theft matters to more serious “white collar” crimes.

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