Bon Voyage!

The kids are off school, the bags are packed and the forecast is good! MTB Solicitors wishes everyone taking a vacation in the coming months a rewarding, safe and enjoyable trip.

Sadly, from time to time even holiday goers cannot escape the vicissitudes of life, and accidents do occur. If you have been injured following an accident abroad that wasn’t your fault, MTB, as leading personal injury specialists, can assist you in bringing a claim for compensation.

If you have purchased a package holiday at home, we can commence action on your behalf against the organisers or their representatives at the resort. If you did not purchase a package deal, direct redress is still possible against the people in charge of the location where the accident occurred.

If you do have an accident on holiday please remember to do the following:-

  • Report it immediately to the package organiser’s representative at the resort or in the UK.
  • Keep a record of what occurred via notes, any witness details and photographs of the accident location.
  • Notify your travel insurers as soon as possible to ensure any local treatment is covered.

In addition to personal injury, you may also be entitled to further compensation for distress, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment and out of pocket expenses if your holiday is badly affected.

We would also remind people who feel that the standard of their holiday is not up to the standard as advertised by their travel agent that this is a further basis for complaint and possible compensation.

Once again, safe travels to all. If your require any advice or assistance following your holiday, please contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Bon Voyage!