Careless Driving

Careless, and inconsiderate, driving is an offence under the Road Traffic (NI) Order 1995. It occurs when a person is regarded as driving without due care and attention if (and only if) the way he drives falls below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver.

Some examples of careless or inconsiderate driving are:

  • overtaking on the inside;
  • driving too close to another vehicle;
  • driving through a red light by mistake;
  • turning into the path of another vehicle;
  • the driver being avoidably distracted by tuning the radio, lighting a cigarette etc.
  • flashing lights to force other drivers to give way;
  • misusing lanes to gain advantage over other drivers;
  • unnecessarily staying in an overtaking lane;
  • unnecessarily slow driving or braking;
  • dazzling other drivers with un-dipped headlights.

If found guilty of careless driving then you are likely to receive a fine and penalty points on your licence. The most serious examples will continue to go through court, where offenders may face higher penalties. In lesser examples, the PSNI are able to offer educational training as an alternative to endorsement.

Drivers can appeal any decision in court. If you have been charged with a motoring offence please contact us for advice on 02890329801.