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Oliwia’s medical negligence claim settled for £20,000

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Oliwia’s medical negligence claim settled for £20,000

Dental malpractice case study

Oliwia took a responsible approach to her dental care and regularly attended her dental surgery. She began to experience tooth pain and booked an appointment with her dentist, who she was a patient of for over ten years. During her appointment, she was diagnosed with chronic generalised periodontitis. This condition is also known as severe gum disease and comes as a result of gingivitis not being treated on time. It is caused by a gradual build-up of plaque over a long period of time. Symptoms include inflamed gums and teeth becoming loose to the point of falling out. At its early stages and when still considered to be gingivitis, it can be easily treated with a good cleaning routine and the removal of any hardened plaque (tartar).

Medical negligence claims in Northern Ireland

The dentist failed to identify a loose bridge retainer over a period of several years. This failure led to the tooth becoming irreparable and requiring prosthodontic replacement. The treatments required cost her £2000. Given Oliwia’s regular appointments with her dentist and the length of time it takes for periodontitis to develop, she felt that a diagnosis should have come much sooner. Consequently, she decided to obtain legal advice. She contacted McCartan Turkington Breen and had the benefit of a free initial consultation with Tanya Waterworth. Oliwia instructed Tanya who sent a letter of claim to the dental surgery.

We had Oliwia examined by an expert consultant who provided a dentolegal report. This outlined the condition and identified why and how the dentist was negligent in his treatment of Oliwia. The dental surgery was unable to prove that they met the reasonable standard of care that is recognised and admitted liability. We entered settlement negotiations and obtained a sum of £20,000 for the very grateful Oliwia.

Our medical negligence claims experts can help you too

If you suffered due to dental malpractice or any other type of clinical negligence, we are here to advise. You can learn more about our expert services at Medical Negligence Claims or contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.


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