CJINI Driving Change

Latest CJINI Driving Change – Enforcement of Road Traffic Legislation in NI Report Issued


The Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland released their latest report on Driving Change – Enforcement of road traffic legislation in Northern Ireland on Thursday 29th September 2016.   http://www.cjini.org/TheInspections/Inspection-Reports/Latest-Publications.aspx?did=1759


The Report makes a number of recommendations including inter alia:

  • Mutual recognition of disqualified drivers both north and south of the border;
  • Mutual recognition of penalty points both north and south of the border;
  • Lowering of drink/drive limits between the two jurisdictions;
  • The adoption of a central Traffic Court which would allow for uncontested or guilty pleas to be prosecuted for certain offences without the need for prosecutors or defendants to be present;
  • The establishment of a database that would allow those roadside enforcement staff to be aware of the real time information together with road traffic regulations and laws.

We all know that the roads system in Northern Ireland is essential for everyday life and the volume of traffic on it is ever increasing. As a result it is imperative that everyone plays their part to ensure that the roads are kept as safe as possible however, sometimes things happen; whether you’ve been involved in a collision with something else or you fall foul of the road traffic legislation and receive a summons to attend Court, MTB have an experienced team of lawyers ready to give you the help and representation you need to ensure the best outcome for you.