Cyber-bullying and Covid-19

The world is presently in lockdown in an attempt to stem the spread of Coronavirus. We are concerned for our immediate family, friends and colleagues. We have seen weekly appreciation for those NHS workers and people in the front line caring for sick people. However, we must pay particular attention as to what going on in our own homes. A lot of people are working from home and like when one is in the office, attention is focused on the job in hand it is easy to leave the children to receive intrusion from their teachers online. What is missing from this is the ability to avail of pastoral care or guidance which the students would have ready access to whilst in school. A lot of students will have smartphones and social media has seen an increase since the schools closed their doors and the children began working from home. Hand in hand with this increased use will be increased cyber-bullying ( atopic we have previously discussed on this forum). Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye on all online interactions. NI Direct has a useful page to assist parents concerned about cyber bullying. Whilst MTB solicitors’ office is closed our solicitors are working remotely and if you need assistance in dealing with cyber bullying please do not hesitate to contact Enda Lavery.