Driving Lessons or Penalty Points – You Decide!

Learner driver

Any of us who have fallen foul of minor driving offences will be aware that no matter how minor, it can lead to penalty points and a fine and even a driving ban on occasions!

However, thankfully these are not the only options available when it comes to minor driving offences. Alternatives are available that are alike to “driving lessons” in lieu of prosecution and come in many forms such as the Speed Awareness course or the Driver Improvement course. These are theory based courses which can be offered to people for the offences of speeding and driving without due care and attention, with the aim of reducing speeding and yes, you’ve got it, reducing the numbers of people ‘driving without due care and attention’.

These courses when available can only be opted for if the driver accepts guilt for the relevant offence. If not, the matter may proceed to court by way of summons and at that stage penalty points, a fine and a ban will be the most common outcomes if convicted.

You will be asked to pay a fee for the pleasure of attending any of the aforementioned courses, currently £89 for the Speed Awareness course and in excess of £100 for the Driver Improvement course. Upon completion of these courses that will be an end of the matter and your attendance at the course will be noted on your police file but most importantly this will not be recorded on your criminal record as a court conviction. 

This is a very brief overview of these alternatives however should you need any advice and assistance if you find yourself in a spot of bother please feel free to contact our team of experienced criminal lawyers either by telephone on 02890329801 or by email at legal@mtb-law.co.uk.