Fathers For Justice interrupt Loose Women

Not even ITV’s Loose Women is sacred anymore as Fathers For Justice force Loose Women to go off the air temporarily.

Loose Women


An episode of ITV’s Loose Women was forced to go off the air temporarily when 3 members of the campaign group Fathers for Justice began protesting by shouting “fathers for justice no kids no cash”. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3642878/Fathers4Justice-campaigners-storm-set-Loose-Women.html

The group have confirmed that this was ‘the launch of a boycott of the child support system until fathers are given equal rights.’

When relationships breakdown between parents the issue of access to children can become a legal minefield to the parent who is no longer living with the children. This is equally true for both fathers and mothers. If you find yourself in that positon it is essential that you obtain the correct legal advice to ensure that everything that you can do to reinstate contact with your child(ren) is done as soon as possible.

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