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Experiencing domestic abuse of any nature is a terrifying experience that no one should ever have to live through. If you or your child has been the victim of an abusive partner, ex-partner or relative, our domestic abuse solicitors can provide the support required to return you to a position of safety and security. We offer free, transparent, confidential and no obligation initial consultations. Contact us today to arrange yours with specialist child law solicitor.

Legal advice on all aspects of domestic abuse and domestic violence

Belfast & Northern Ireland

Domestic abuse does not limit itself to one’s immediate spouse or partner but can also be perpetrated by wider members of one’s family and household.  There are remedies available in the court to afford you protection without resorting to criminal proceedings.

Our domestic abuse expert solicitors can help you:

  • Enjoy peaceful occupation of your home.
  • Prevent molestation, harm and interference.
  • Obtain civil injunctions.
  • Report incidents to the police.  

Our experienced domestic abuse solicitors can advise you in relation to such things as an Occupation Order and a Non-Molestation Order. Outside of the family, we can advise you in relation to civil injunctions for harassment as well as assist you in providing help in reporting incidents of domestic abuse to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Our approach to domestic abuse

Our team of domestic abuse solicitors will keep you informed on your case. We will ensure you have timely and accurate advice as we explore the best options for you and those you care about.

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If you require advice or the representation of a domestic abuse solicitor, contact us for a free, confidential and no-obligation consultation.


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