From Demolition Man to Sticky Technology

Demolition Man

When I was a teenager I remember watching the 1993 Sylvester Stallone movie ‘Demolition Man.’   It was set in the year 2032 and all cars were driverless (with the exception of the red Oldsmobile that Stallone’s character finds in the slums).  In one scene, one of the driverless cars was involved in a collision and it immediately filled with a foam type material to ensure driver safety.   Of course that was only a movie however, since then there have been many technological advances which meant that the day that driverless or autonomous cars are a common sight on our roads is getting ever closer

You might also have seen recently that Google has announced that they have developed and patented a sticky coating for the front of cars which would mean that if the driver of the car were to knock an unfortunate pedestrian down then, rather than them bouncing off the car and suffering further injury, they would instead be held on the bonnet which is hoped would reduce the level of injury sustained.

Demolition Man 2

These ideas are still very much a work in progress however, the reality is that roads and travelling on them, whether by motor vehicle, bicycle/motorbike or indeed by foot, is fraught with danger.

We are constantly told that driving at an inappropriate speed (too fast or too slow); driving whilst under the influence of alcohol/drugs; young drivers; old drivers; driving whilst tired; using a mobile phone in the car etc. are all factors that can add to the danger we face on the road. The only thing that we as road users can do is ensure that when we are using the road, that we do so in such a way as to show consideration and respect to all other road users.

No matter what precautions you take you may still be involved in a road traffic collision or other incident on whilst using the road. If you find yourself in that situation, we at MTB are here to help.  Whether it be helping you claim back the costs of the damage that was caused to your car; claiming for injuries that you have sustained as a result of the collision or indeed if you are being prosecuted by the PSNI in relation to a road traffic offence; please contact one of our team and we will be ready to step in and alleviate the stress and help you deal with whatever situation you find yourself in.

We have a team of road traffic litigation lawyers and criminal defence lawyers who have the experience required to ensure that, whatever your circumstance, your needs are met and the best possible outcome achieved for you.

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