GDPR – it’s not all about consent

A legal compliance expert has criticised many solicitors after research showed that they have provided over-cautious GDPR advice to clients. Unfortunately, many solicitors who labelled themselves “GDPR experts” incorrectly advised their clients that consent was the main basis for processing. Whilst consent is an important basis for processing information, it is only one of six available lawful bases for processing, the others being: Contract; Legal Obligation; Vital Interests; Public Task; and Legitimate Interests.

Peter Wright, the former chair of the Law Society Technology and Law Reference Group, said:

‘People have got funny ideas that GDPR is all about consent and it’s absolutely not. There were an awful lot of people who started styling themselves GDPR specialists when they had not got the expertise.”

At MTB we have provided GDPR advice to numerous clients. All businesses are different and one template does not fit all; we tailor the required GDPR policies to the needs of your business. GDPR is a rolling obligation, your staff require regular training and certain obligations such as data retention need to be constantly reviewed. If you need GDPR advice please contact us on 02890329801 for a free consultation.