Want to claim but worried about legal costs?

After the Event Insurance might be the answer….

'I'd like to take out accident insurance. That's right, starting yesterday.'

Taking a claim can be costly and stressful if you don’t have the benefit of Union funding or Legal Aid. Many people aren’t in a Union and are above the financial threshold to be eligible for Legal Aid. This then leaves the option of privately funding your case which could put the claimant at a costs risk of thousands of pounds and quite often people decide that it is not a risk that is worth taking.

There is another option. We can arrange for After the Event Insurance to be provided and give advices on the policy. After the Event Insurance is available in a wide variety of personal injury cases to include medical negligence, road traffic accidents, accidents at work and public liability claims such as trips and slips. If we believe the case has reasonable prospects of success, we can make an application for After the Event Insurance. Such a policy would afford you £50,000.00 of legal cover which would then afford you protection from the Defendant’s legal costs if your claim is ultimately unsuccessful and any outlays you incur in your case once the policy is in place. Each type of claim e.g. Road traffic accident, accident at work, has a set premium which we would advise of before the policy is accepted. If your claim is ultimately successful the policy premium is then deducted from the award or settlement.  If the claim is unsuccessful then your outlays and the Defendant’s costs and outlays will be paid by the policy and you do not have to pay the insurance premium. Policy documentation would of course be provided.

Legal Aid is being eroded more and more in the current climate and After the Event Insurance is bridging the gap and allowing those unfortunate enough to have been involved in an accident to pursue a claim without the worry of costs implications.

If you have had an accident or wish to discuss a medical negligence case, please contact us on 02890329801