Belfast accountant fined for providing inadequate advice for pension transfers

In a recent Financial Conduct Authority press release it emerged that a Belfast accountant was fined £75,000.00 for providing inadequate advice to clients when they were advising on pension transfers.

Many of us seek financial advice from accountants and financial advisors in relation to a wide range of products and investments that are on offer in the marketplace today. The majority of this advice is good and proper but, unfortunately, there may be times when the advice that has been given, and upon which you have acted, can be to your detriment and can result in you losing a considerable amount of money.

If you find yourself in such a situation please contact MTB today where one of our specialist lawyers will be more than happy to arrange a consultation with you to discuss your circumstances. Please be aware that there will be time limits for making such a claim so please do not delay in contacting us.