Hospitality Ulster instructs MTB Solicitors to explore compensation options for businesses affected by Primark fire

Hospitality Ulster is moving to explore options to compensate businesses within the hospitality sector as the fallout from the Primark fire enters its third day. 

Hospitality Ulster’s CEO, Colin Neill, said:

“We sympathise and recognise the fire was a tragic loss for both Primark and Belfast.

However, the surrounding area is home to many small businesses that cannot sustain the financial losses caused by forced closures.

With many depending on the end of month trading period to make a profit, we cannot allow tragedy to turn into a crisis for these businesses, as further losses could prove fatal.

Whilst securing compensation is by no way straight forward, we have instructed one of Northern Ireland’s leading Legal firms, MTB (McCartan, Turkington, Breen), to explore all options for compensation due to direct loss of business as a result of the Primark fire.

In the first instance businesses within the hospitality sector impacted by the fire should contact us for advice.”