Huge win for MTB’s clients as Tribunal rules PSNI owes £30m in outstanding holiday pay

A class action brought by officers and civilian staff has resulted in a ruling that unlawful deductions made from their holiday pay entitlements were in breach of fundamental human rights.

Our Employment Partner, John McShane, was lead solicitor on the case, representing 9 of the 11 police officers, for whom the Chief Constable George Hamilton is answerable, and the two civilian staff claimants, for whom the Police Authority is answerable.

John said “The issue in question was whether these groups should have their overtime and other allowances included in the calculation of their normal pay, in order to work out their holiday pay entitlements. The Chief Constable’s failure — and continued failure to date — to pay staff in accordance with the legal requirements resulted in the need for police and civilian staff to incur the cost of pursuing legal proceedings to seek redress for their lawful entitlement to be properly paid whilst on annual leave.”

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MTB Partner, John McShane