In the Long Grass

Long Grass

Over the past few years the D.O.E Road Safety adverts have powerfully and shockingly highlighted the results of the potential dangers we face on our roads. Despite these advert campaigns, old problems such as drink-driving, speeding and driver carelessness remain a concern for us all as road users. It seems as though a new ‘growing’ danger is now ‘creeping’ up on us – long grass on our roadsides!  

Upper Bann MLA Carla Lockhart has described the area around Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon as approaching a “jungle” whilst Newry & Armagh MLA William Irwin stated his concern that major road junctions were being left “in a very dangerous condition”. Mr Irwin also explained that in some areas the local population have had to take it upon themselves to cut the grass back!

These concerns were raised at a Stormont Committee meeting to monitor the new Department for Infrastructure. Ministers at the meeting stated that there would only be one full cut of grass across all areas due to budget restrictions with further cuts to important sightlines to be arranged as needed. I can only imagine the height of our lawns with only one cut a year!

Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard stated he was working to ensure that public safety would not be compromised and explained that he was bidding strongly for additional funding. The problem is not unique to Northern Ireland with concerns being raised recently by both Lincolnshire and Oxford County Councils regarding the impact of budget constraints on their own grass-cutting programmes.

 At MTB Solicitors we appreciate the numerous hazards faced by all road users and understand just how quickly accidents can happen. Further dangers on our roads are the last thing that we as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians need.

 If you are involved in a road traffic accident and require advice please contact one of our experienced team who can help you to pursue a claim or provide assistance in relation to any police investigation.