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A Ray of Hope: How we sponsored several workshops in Nepal

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A Ray of Hope How we sponsored several workshops in Nepal

Aiding disadvantaged youth in Nepal

In partnership with A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace, McCartan Turkington Breen has sponsored various workshops with disadvantaged youth communities in Nepal to demonstrate the benefits of the law and judicial system.

The workshops aimed to increase awareness of how to engage with the judicial system in Nepal and why an efficient and fair legal system is a societal asset that should be embraced and welcomed.

Like A Ray of Hope and UNESCO, we believe the law is a tool for good and everyone should be aware of their rights. We also understand that it can be complicated at times. Despite any perceived complexities, it is important to understand the law and judicial system so that we can all better navigate through a fair and just life. Unfortunately, not all communities have access to knowledge and resources relating to their judicial system. This is wrong and A Ray of Hope aims to challenge this where it can.

Elements of the workshops included topics such as drug abuse and protecting oneself against cybercrime.

A Ray of Hope offers many different types of initiatives and workshops on a variety of topics. If you would like to know more about the important work being carried out in Nepal and other places around the world by A Ray of Hope, visit


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