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Can I claim for public transport accidents in Belfast & Northern Ireland?

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Can I claim for public transport accidents in Belfast & Northern Ireland

What are public transport accidents?

A public transport accident is a type of road traffic accident that involves a public transport vehicle. In most instances, those involved are a passenger in the vehicle, however, drivers or operators can get injured too.

Public transport accidents can happen:

  • On Translink operated buses including Ulsterbus, Metro, Goldline and Glider services
  • On private hire buses and coaches
  • In private hire taxis
  • On Northern Ireland Railways operated trains

With so many public transport vehicles sharing our roads in Northern Ireland, it’s inevitable that accidents and collisions will occur.

Public transport accidents can happen as a result of a collision with another road user or a static object such as a lamppost. They can also happen when the driver or operator brakes suddenly, like in the case of our client Isobel who was injured on a bus. Read her case study to learn more: Isobel’s public transport accident settled for £14,000.

Can I claim for injuries if I’m involved in a public transport road traffic accident?

If you are involved in an accident and suffered injuries as a result, you might be entitled to compensation. As most people involved in public transport accidents are passengers, the accident is almost always the fault of another. This is because the passenger has no control over the vehicle. We tend to find that the driver or operator of the public transport vehicle, its owner or another road user is at fault.

This might differ for the driver or operator depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. The person responsible for the accident is liable for any injuries or damage caused by it.

Public liability claims

Liability is less clear in larger public transport vehicles such as buses and trains when no collision or sudden stop occurred. For example, a passenger tripped when moving through the vehicle. In this instance, it would be more of a public liability claim as opposed to a road traffic accident claim. However, the injured person might still be owed compensation and should seek independent legal advice to find out.

Speak with a public transport accident solicitor

If you were injured whilst being a passenger in a public transport vehicle, you might be entitled to compensation. We can help. Contact us for a free initial consultation or learn more by visiting Road Traffic Accident Claims.


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