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Six things you need to know before selling your house

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A recently sold property with a sign in the front garden

Advice from a conveyancing solicitor.

Have you ever noticed that there are many useful resources and an abundance of guides for purchasing your first property but very little regard given to selling it? Head of our conveyancing department, Marie-Anne McVeigh, noticed and decided to share these six points to consider before selling your house.

1) Don’t overprice your property

Although it might be tempting to increase the asking price of your home, statistics show that an overpriced property takes longer to sell. As much as you’d like them to, potential purchasers won’t consider any previous upgrades you made. Look at similar properties in your area as a starting point.

2) Presentation

Your home should look the best it can in estate agent listings and during viewings. Be ruthless and get rid of unnecessary junk. This will help when people come to view your home. It’s also pretty therapeutic too. You might also want to carry out some minor cosmetic improvements to brighten your home. Painting the front door, tidying your garden, power-washing the drive. First impressions count! Then, show off your home’s new face-lift by ensuring a professional photographer produces the first images your potential buyers will see.

3) Appoint a good solicitor

Investing in a good solicitor is key and you’ll want to do so as quickly as possible. Shop around and research various law firm’s conveyancing services. If your solicitor makes a mistake, it could cost you, so choose wisely! Pay attention to online reviews and don’t overlook personal recommendations. Ask to speak with the solicitor who will be doing your sale should you choose their firm.

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4) Chose the right estate agent for you

Recommendations are always great if you can get one. Make sure you have confidence in the agent you opt for. Your relationship with your estate agent is key so you must feel comfortable with them and confident that “they’ve got this”.

5) A survey will reveal defects

Usually, your purchaser will get a survey. All surveys will find problems, some more serious than others. Be realistic and hopefully your buyer will be too. Nobody’s house is 100% perfect and it’s all about trying to be reasonable about what the survey says. Don’t take the survey personally!

6) Communication is key

The entire sale process can be very stressful and communication is key to keeping the anxiety levels down. Keep in regular contact with your agent and solicitor and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to. The legal side of selling a property is not something you are expected to understand so make sure you ask questions to help you understand the processes involved and the likely timescales. A good solicitor and a good estate agent will also keep in regular contact with each other which is critical for understanding how big the chain is and whether there are special factors that might affect completion dates. Speak up if you’re not sure.

Are you ready to move on to your next home?

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By Marie-Anne McVeigh.


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