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Vehicle repair & replacement following an accident in Belfast & Northern Ireland

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Vehicle repair & replacement following an accident in Belfast & Northern Ireland

You are entitled to vehicle repair or replacement following a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault

If you are involved in a road traffic accident, it’s very likely that your car will have sustained damage. Thankfully, you are entitled to have your car repaired or replaced at no cost to you in instances where the other driver was at fault

One of the principles of road traffic accident litigation is that the blameless party should be put back into the same position, or as close to it as possible, as they were in prior to the collision. This includes your health, financial circumstances and property. As experts in road traffic accident claims, it’s our job to ensure this happens.  

Vehicle repair

We can recover the costs of having your vehicle repaired if the condition is such that a mechanic can fix it without compromising its function and safety.

Vehicle Replacement

If your car was written off, then you are entitled to have it replaced. If it cannot be replaced for some reason, such as it’s no longer in production, then we can arrange recovery of the pre-accident value of the vehicle.  

Credit hire vehicle  

It can take time for a car to be repaired or replaced. There are many things that can slow the process down. For example, a busy garage, ordering new parts and insurance company delays could all hinder you from getting you back on the road. Perhaps you drive your own taxi or van to make a living? Or do you need a car to commute to work or bring your children to school? For many people, having no access to a vehicle is unacceptable.

Whilst you wait for a repair or replacement, you are entitled to a credit hire vehicle. In most instances, we can arrange a temporary car for you within a day through a trusted partner.

What about vans, lorries, motorcycles & bicycles?

You can enjoy the benefits of these entitlements regardless of the vehicle type.

Who pays for vehicle repair and replacement in Northern Ireland?

All motorists in Northern Ireland are required to have motor insurance. The driver at fault is liable and their insurer will cover the costs of vehicle repair or replacement and all other special damages and general damages.

What else does a solicitor do following an accident?

If you were injured, we can also help you pursue compensation through our Road Traffic Accident Claims service. On top of injury compensation, we can pursue special damages, such as vehicle-related damages outlined in this article. Other special damages include loss of earnings, medical expenses and repayment of insurance excess.

Are there time limits on claiming for vehicle repair or replacement?

You must initiate proceedings within six years for damage-only claims. However, you only have three years to claim if you’re also claiming for injuries.

How do I start?

We offer free initial consultations. Contact us and speak with an experienced solicitor who will talk you through all options available to you.


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