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What is conveyancing?

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What is conveyancing

If you want to buy or sell property in Belfast & Northern Ireland, conveyancing is part of the process

Conveyancing is a service provided by a solicitor when you are buying or selling property. You can’t legally conduct a property transaction without it. The process of conveyancing includes things such as the exchange and review of title deeds, reviewing property surveys, conducting property related searches and bringing a sale to completion.

Your conveyancing solicitor will be your representative when dealing with the individual or business on the other side of the transaction. It’s their job to look after your interests and ensure you understand what is inherently a complex matter. Your conveyancing solicitor will review all of the documents and advise you on the contents. They will also help you comply with any requirements stipulated by your mortgage lenders.

How long does conveyancing take?

The length of time required for the conveyancing process to complete varies depending on the type of transaction. However, it typically takes around 8 weeks in Northern Ireland. Your conveyancing solicitor will rely on third parties, usually public sector agencies and other solicitors in the chain, to do their part quickly in order to get you to completion in a timely matter. As you might expect, this can slow down the momentum. The best conveyancing solicitors will keep pressure on these third-parties and if they don’t, you should keep the pressure on your solicitor to do so.

Why do I need a conveyancing solicitor?

Just like any other area of law, conveyancing is complex and there are many pitfalls. For most of us, buying a property will be the largest investment of our lives. When making a big purchase it is essential that it is done correctly to avoid costly problems in the future. 

How much does conveyancing services cost in Northern Ireland?

The legal fees associated with conveyancing services vary from solicitor to solicitor. The type of property and the unique circumstances of the transaction will likely be factored into the costs. Just like any other product or service, you tend to get what you pay for. That’s why property experts recommend considering factors that go beyond the price. Pay attention to things like the experience of the conveyancing solicitor, their law firm’s online reviews, their unique selling points and perhaps most importantly, whether you will have a good client/solicitor relationship with them.

Beyond legal fees, you will also have to pay conveyancing disbursements and your solicitor will outline the cost of these for you.

What are conveyancing disbursements?

Your conveyancing solicitor will be required to make payments on your behalf which will be included on your final bill. This is done for your convenience. An example of a conveyancing disbursement would be the fee charged by Land & Property Services (LPS) to register your ownership of the property.

We are conveyancing expert solicitors in Northern Ireland

If you wish to buy or sell a property in Northern Ireland, our conveyancing solicitors are available to advise. You can learn more about our services at Property & Conveyancing or Contact Us for a free, no commitment exploratory chat.


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