It’s not only the children that need to pay attention when using roads at schools

Over the last 10 years there have been over 2,000 road traffic collisions outside our schools which have resulted in 11 people (including one child) being killed and over 2,600 injured according to a recent article in ‘The Detail.’

This has led to calls for speed limits outside school property to be reduced from 30mph to 20mph. The level of traffic on our roads today is consistently increasing and so too does the risk of being involved in a collision of some sort.

In the vast majority of cases the reason for the collision is human error whether it be driving too fast, failing to look properly, driving under the influence, distraction or indeed carelessness. If you have the misfortune to be involved in an accident then we at MTB will be able to help you recover any losses that you have incurred including (but not restricted to): insurance excess or vehicle damage, personal injury, loss of earnings, depreciation in value and hire of a replacement vehicle.  MTB would act for the greatest percentage of road traffic claimants in Northern Ireland which means that we have the expertise and skill to ensure your claim will be maximised to achieve the best outcome for you.  So if you’ve been involved in an accident and want to pursue a claim please contact our road traffic litigation team where we are ready and waiting to act on your behalf.

Sometimes however, we can be involved in incidents on the road for which we cannot make a claim as responsibility for the collision rests with us. This may also lead to the PSNI getting involved and when this happens you may be invited to attend a police station for the purposes of making a statement under caution.  Any statement made under caution is for the purposes of ascertaining whether there is enough evidence against you to formally prosecute.  It is therefore essential that you are represented by a criminal defence lawyer who is skilled enough to ensure that your positon is fully protected.  If you have been invited to attend for an interview or you wish to discuss the legal position in relation to any criminal matter please contact one of our criminal defence solicitors who will be more than happy to help.