MoT tests suspended – how does this affect you?

MoT tests for cars and light vehicles have been suspended across Northern Ireland after inspections of vehicle lifts detected signs of cracking in 48 of 55 lifts . The Driver and Vehicle Agency has said that it could take months to replace the defective lifts, leaving many motorists wondering how the cancellations will affect them.

For most motorists a temporary exemption certificate will be issued to extend an existing MoT Certificate by four months so as to enable motorists to drive. These certificates cannot be issued, however, for four-year-old cars or taxis. This is because four-year-old cars have never been through an MoT test before, meaning they do not have a certificate to extend, while taxis are covered by different legislation.

The NI Direct website has provided some useful guidance for motorists:

Vehicle owners should note that it remains their responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition. A temporary exemption certificate does not negate this obligation.

If you need any advice or are unsure how the cancellations affect you, please call us.