MTB attend the Dragon Boat Festival

James Fay and Dianne Wong from MTB Solicitors were delighted to attend the Dragon Boat Festival celebration lunch organized by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber was set up in 1983 by first generation Chinese immigrants with the aim to unite overseas immigrants and to promote racial equality. MTB are glad to be able to help bring fairer legal and social representation to ethnic minority groups with the assistance from our foreign born colleagues and fellow citizens.

MTB律師事務所James Fay跟黃彩妍非常榮幸能夠出席華商會舉辨的端午聚餐。華商會於一九八三年由一群熱心華人成立,志在團結華人,為華人爭取應有的權益。我們也慶幸能夠為小數民族發聲,與其共同笑傲江湖。