MTB sponsors Irish Crusaders rugby team



MTB Solicitors have recent become proud sponsors of The Irish Crusaders Rugby Team. The Irish Crusaders is a unique team of rugby players that have all either had cancer themselves or have had a close family member that has. The team originated in Scotland but now encompasses crusader teams in Scotland, Ireland, England, USA and Bahrain. This group of guys are aiming to raise awareness of male cancers through sport and show their support to fellow sporting folk that have had their lives impacted by the devastating disease.

MTB’s sponsorship will go towards the team’s pot for buying medical dogs that are trained to detect male cancers early. Each medical dog costs £10k (training included) and the dogs can detect male cancers by smelling urine. The team has purchased one dog so far this year and Bahrain plans to source a second dog soon.

Keep up the great work guys!