New Year Resolutions – need our help?



Somehow it’s already the second week of January! Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Eat less? Exercise more? Something a bit more unique? Perhaps even by now your resolution has already fallen by the wayside!  

It’s not too late to make one, and this year why not make a different sort of resolution? How about getting 2017 off to a positive start with a legal New Year’s resolution:-

1. Make a will

Whilst obviously it is a fairly morbid thing to think about, making a will is the best thing you can do to ensure you protect the interests of those you care about and want to look after in future years. If you don’t have a will your assets will be divided according to the law, and may not be passed on according to your wishes. Making a will is generally fairly quick and easy, so why not contact us to get the process started and give you peace of mind as you begin 2017?

2. Seek advice

Perhaps you are having trouble with your boss at work or maybe you were hurt in an accident recently and have been wondering if you are entitled to compensation. Whatever the issue is that is nagging away at you, why not tackle it head on at the start of the year? Seek advice from a solicitor to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our friendly and professional solicitors who will advise you on any issues that may be troubling you.

3. Create an Enduring Power of Attorney

Worried about what would happen if you were to become unable to look after your financial affairs? We can help you create an Enduring Power of Attorney where you can choose one or more persons to look after your property and finances for you. Why not make a resolution to contact us to put an Enduring Power of Attorney in place? It would mean one less thing to worry about in the year ahead.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any advice in relation to the issues raised in this article. Please phone us on 028 90 329801 or email us at

 Good luck with your resolutions and have a great 2017!