NI Hearing Loss Pilot Scheme put on hold


The BBC has reported last week that a pilot scheme to allow high street providers to carry out hearing tests in an effort to reduce audiology waiting lists has been put on hold.

Whilst hearing loss can be a degenerative condition that occurs naturally as we get older, it can also be as a result of being subjected to loud noises. These loud noises can often be as a result of working conditions and a lack of proper protective equipment being provided.  If you have worked in a noisy environment including, but not restricted to bottling plants, engineering works, armed services, construction companies etc. and you feel that your hearing has been detrimentally affected by this exposure then you may be entitled to compensation. Where appropriate, we can arrange the necessary audiology examinations and issue Court proceedings to ensure that fair compensation is received.

We at MTB have a dedicated team who are ready to advise you on the merits of your claim and lead you smoothly through the process. If you believe that you may be affected in this way please contact us on 90329801 to arrange a free consultation with one of our solicitors today.