Will there be any inheritance tax to pay on Brucie’s estate?!

The much loved Bruce Forsyth passed away on Friday last. He leaves behind a wife, six children, nine grand-children and three great grand-children. He died with an estate worth in or around £17 million – will HMRC see any of it?

Bruce Forsyth was never shy about his views on inheritance tax. He felt that your estate should always pass to your family and he believed that inheritance tax was “over the top”.

It has been reported that Bruce has left all of his estate to his wife which means that there will be no inheritance tax to pay. It is believed that he chose to do this to avoid any inheritance tax on his estate. It is also believed that he was content with his decision on the basis that he trusted his wife to pass on his estate to those whom he wanted to benefit.


As they say, death and taxes are two of life’s certainties. There are however many ways in which your exposure to inheritance tax can be reduced.

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