Noah’s Park

Everyone might fondly recall the heavens falling at the end of the July this year affording some natural refreshment after 2 months of mainly sunny, hot and dry weather. That is unless your car was parked in an overflow parking area of Belfast International Airport. The very unfortunate outcome of almost the monthly average total of rain falling on 28th July was that the area became flooded and many of the cars parked there subsequently damaged.

In a feature on BBC Radio yesterday, customers whose vehicles were damaged called in to report their experiences. There were complaints of poor customer service from the airport in not advising customers on the timescale for removal of the cars and arrangements to assess whether they would be safe for onward travel. One customer’s car had been written off from the flooding damage. There were varying reports from persons who had been in contact with airport representatives that between 100 to 1000 vehicles may have been damaged by flooding.

However, Belfast International Airport released a statement to advise that only 35 vehicles were damaged and confirmed that it is compensating all those vehicle owners who were affected for the repairs and associated costs such as car hire etc.

Whilst no-one can account for extreme inclement weather conditions, a car park operator has a duty to provide a safe parking area with adequate drainage facilities. If you have been affected by this incident are not satisfied with the redress offered, please contact our litigation team who are experts in the field of road traffic accident law for assistance.