Not quite the fairy tale ending for the residents of Cerezales del Condado

Antonio Fernandez was the CEO of Grupo Modelo, the brewery company behind Corona Beer and he died a bilionnaire in August at the age of 99. Last week it was reported that he left each and every resident in his home town of Cerezales del Condado £2m in his will.

It has since been confirmed that this information was incorrectly reported. Someone, somewhere got the wrong end of the stick and the story very quickly gathered momentum, leading to various newspapers throughout the world reporting the heart- warming story. Mr. Fernandez did not leave the residents any specific legacies in his will. It has however been confirmed that Mr. Fernandez did a lot for the village during his life, including donating money to cultural institutions and churches.

Mr. Fernandez died without any children but had a will in place to ensure that his fortune was passed to those whom he wished to benefit. It has been reported that he left a sizeable portion of his estate to his nieces and nephews who are said to visit the village for some months each year, which is obviously a great boost for the village and keeps it alive.

Mr. Fernandez was no doubt aware of the importance of having a will in place. Had he not had a will his fortune may not have passed to those relatives that he wished to benefit.

Having a will put in place is a very straightforward process and all of our clients tell us that it is something that is definitely “worse in contemplation”. If you do not have a will and are thinking that now is the time to put one in place, please contact our Probate department, we are here to help.