Potholes cost the Department £495m in compensation

The weather at this time of year can make for beautiful scenery but the repeated freezing and thawing of water in cracks and holes in our road network causes potholes to appear.  Given the recent bad spell of wintery weather these potholes have become all too apparent across the roads network.

The problem with potholes is that if you unexpectedly drive into one you may cause damage to your car which can also result in injury to the people travelling in the car.  It has been reported by the BBC that in the period 1 January 2016 – 30th November 2017 the Department for Infrastructure has paid out £495,358.04 in compensation in relation to damage that had been caused to 1,935 cars. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-42753629

A pothole is a defect with the road and the Department request that if your vehicle has suffered damage as a result of such a defect that it be reported to them with photographic evidence.

We at MTB have a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of compensation recovery including but not restricted to: damage caused to your vehicle e.g. caused by a pothole or a collision; personal injury as a result of a car accident, an injury caused by an incident at work or indeed catastrophic injury caused by clinical negligence. If you would like to enquire about whether you would be entitled to any compensation please contact our team at MTB today and we will arrange a free consultation to discuss your particular circumstances and provide you with the assistance needed to make a recovery on your behalf.