MTB staff attended “Lucy’s Rhino Rehab Quiz” on the 4th February at the Errigle bar. This was a pub quiz organised by Lucy Sheills of Platinum Financial in aid of the Khulula care for the wild rhino rehabilitation project in South Africa. The project works to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife back into their natural habitats. Lucy’s particular interest is in caring for injured and orphaned Rhinos.

The knowledgeable MTB team was appropriately named ‘Rhino the Answer.’ The quiz involved music rounds, general knowledge questions and also some rhino-related trivia. The MTB team were shocked to hear during the quiz that the world’s rhino population has dropped by over 90% since 1970!! The team were delighted to be involved in raising funds for such a worthwhile cause. The team came 4th overall and two of the girls managed to win prizes in the raffle. A great night for a great cause.