Service Strips

Achieving your dream of purchasing a newly built, turn-key home is what most young couples strive for. For one couple in Essex, however, their dream purchase has turned into a nightmare after they discovered that their front garden was 90cm shorter than it should have been. To make matters worse, they were then informed that the council would require a further 19 inches as a service strip for maintenance of a lamppost which had been erected in the wrong place.  The couple have now commenced legal action against the construction company.

Service strips are 2.0m wide strips of land, adopted by the Council, for the provision of services to homes.  The lands may appear to be part of your garden and they are often maintained by residents. You are not permitted, however,  to plant trees, large shrubs, walls or other means of obstruction on these lands.  There will often be a covenant contained within your title deeds setting out how this land may or may not be used which will bind you and your successors in title.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to adhere to these covenants.

If you are concerned that you may have a service strip at the end of your garden and would like advice, please contact our conveyancing department on 028 9032 9801.