A ‘cycling revolution’ is taking place across Northern Ireland especially in cities such as Belfast with the introduction of the Belfast Bikes scheme and the increasing number of cycle lanes.  Whether it is for business or pleasure, cycling is the way to ‘get there’!

YET even with more people ‘getting on their bicycles,’ cyclists are still VULNERABLE road users and often feel they do not have the same RIGHTS afforded to other vehicles on the road.  Victoria Pendleton stated after her victory in Beijing in 2008, ”It is a risky business being a cyclist in the UK… It’s the Jeremy Clarkson influence- we are hated on the roads”.

These ‘risky’ factors and dangers to cyclists are not only posed by other road users such as cars and lorries, but by faulty road conditions such as potholes etc.

At MTB, many of our partners and solicitors are keen cyclists who are passionate about the protection and safety of cyclists on our roads.  We understand that cyclists often suffer more serious consequences in an accident due to the lack of protection on a bicycle. We are experienced personal injury litigants and offer a first class service for personal injury, damage to property and loss of earnings caused by an accident.  From the very beginning our clients will receive honest and practical advice.

With events such as the Giro D’Italia in Northern Ireland, the cycling revival has never been stronger and those who participate in this activity should not feel like they are second class citizens on the road.

Helpful Guidance for Cyclists in Northern Ireland

Preparation: ensure your bike is set up properly before your journey.
Equipment: e.g. helmets, reflective clothing, lights, bell.
Details: if you are involved in an accident collect details from the other party and take photographs if possible.
Advice: seek legal advice if you have suffered an injury.
Loss:  we will also aim to recover your losses such as damage to your bicycle or property.

Cyclist & car

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