Sloshed Skiers – 1,000 hurt every day

The Times newspaper recently reported that more than 1,000 British citizens injure themselves every day during the ski season because of drinking on the slopes.

The statistic, which came from one of Britain’s biggest insurers, Direct Line. also reports that almost 400,000 skiers suffered sprains, and almost 300,000 skiers suffered cuts or bruises, in crashes while under the influence of alcohol over the past five years.  A further quarter of a million have broken a limb and nearly 200,00 have torn a ligament.

An experiment carried out by Direct Line found that the skiers were 43% more likely to be involved in a crash after consuming alcohol.  Direct Line said that the results demonstrated how easily alcohol can impair judgement and that insurance cover may be invalidated if customers have “consumed so much alcohol that their judgment or vision is seriously affected resulting in an injury”.

Given that skiing accidents normally occur abroad, it is important to note the limitation periods which apply for personal injury accidents in different countries. In Northern Ireland the limitation period is three years from the date of the accident (or in the event of you being under the age of 18 when the accident occurs, the limitation date is three years from your 18th birthday).  Many EU countries have different limitation periods to Northern Ireland. A few examples are as follows:

France – 10 years from the date of accident;

Belgium – 5 years from the date of accident;

Germany – the end of the third year from the date of the accident (for example if the accident occurred on 14th May 2014, the limitation date would be 31st December 2017);

Spain – 1 year from the date of the accident.

It should also be noted that if you have not sustained a personal injury but wish to make a claim for property damage then different limitation periods may apply.  The important thing is to take legal advice and to instruct a solicitor as soon as possible.  If in doubt, contact our Personal Injury solicitors on 02890329801.