Supreme Court sits in Northern Ireland for the first time

For only the second time since its establishment in 2009 the Supreme Court will sit away from its regular home of London this week.

There are three cases being heard, including the so-called “gay cake” case in which Ashers Bakery has twice been found to have discriminated on the grounds of sexual orientation after it cancelled an order by a gay activist in 2014 for a cake decorated with the slogan: “Support gay marriage”.

At the start of Monday’s session, the court’s president, Lady Hale, commented on the history being created by the hearings. “I would just like to acknowledge the historic occasion of the Supreme Court sitting in Northern Ireland by saying how delighted I and my fellow justices are to be here. This is only the second time the Supreme Court has sat outside London and we are very much looking forward to our time here this week.”

The Supreme Court hearings are also the first court proceedings in Northern Ireland that are being live streamed online. You can keep up with the historic event here: