The Dead Slow Campaign

With an increasing number of reported incidents involving horses and vehicles, the British Horse Society (“BHS”) are campaigning to make drivers aware of what to do when they encounter horses on the road. There are a surprising number of accidents involving horses and riders – 845 incidents have been reported to the BHS from 1 March 2018 to 28 February 2019 whilst over a quarter of equestrians have reported that they have been subject to road rage or abuse.

Whilst most drivers are courteous and respectful on the road there are still many who are not. There are those who fly past at speed, those who pass too close and there are those who try and overtake at a corner with poor visibility, which puts everyone in danger. Many are not sure what to do when they see horses out on the road.

Horses are animals and, as such, can be unpredictable at time.

The dead slow campaign gives useful advice for drivers. The key messages to drivers are:

  • Slow down to a maximum of 15mph
  • Be patient – do not sound your horn or rev the engine
  • Pass the horse wide and slow, (if safe to do so) at least a car’s width if possible
  • Drive slowly away

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