That’s an OUCH from the customer and an OUCH for the restaurant!

Irish Restaurant ordered to pay 20,000 euros to injured customer

It was recently reported on the BBC that a Dublin High Court Judge made an award of €20,000.00 to a lady who had been directed to a specific table by the hotel manager in the Mullingar Park Hotel in County Westmeath. Upon sitting down the lady injured her left knee by hitting it against a table leg that was hidden from view by the table cloth.

This is a perfect example of how a seemingly simple everyday tasks can result in injury being sustained that could have and should have been avoided. If you have sustained an injury whilst attending a restaurant, hotel, leisure centre, shop or indeed any other public or private location then you may well be entitled to compensation.  Whether the incident occurred in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland we at MTB and our sister firm F V Harty & Co can provide you with the initial advice required to ascertain whether there is a viable claim and if so, can follow up with the expertise necessary to ensure maximum recovery for you for those at fault.

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