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June’s GP negligence claim settled for over £13,000

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June’s GP negligence claim settled for over £13,000

Case Study: GP negligence involving the prescription of the wrong medication

June attended her General Practitioner (GP) with an infection and was prescribed an antibiotic. Unfortunately, she became more unwell over the next few days. She reattended her GP and was jaundiced and very ill.

Jaundice is when your skin or the whites of your eyes turn yellow. It can be a sign of something serious and urgent medical help is required.

June was referred to Hospital and admitted

Shortly after discharge from the hospital, June’s infection returned and she attended her GP who prescribed an antibiotic. The client had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and became extremely unwell again.  She was admitted to ICU. The hospital recorded this allergy and shared it with June’s GP for their records.

The infection returned again

A short time after returning home, the client’s infection returned again, and she attended her GP. Her GP negligently prescribed her the same medication to which she was allergic. June consumed the antibiotic and subsequently suffered a severe allergic reaction.

June and her family were convinced that medical negligence had occurred. Consequently, they contacted us and had the benefit of a free initial consultation with Tanya Waterworth, a partner in the firm and clinical negligence expert.

A letter of claim was sent after June’s consultation with Tanya Waterworth

We sent letters of claim to June’s GP. In this letter, we explained that we were instructed to claim for personal injuries, loss and damage on behalf of our client as a result of the surgery’s negligence in prescribing a medication to which our client had a known allergic reaction. 

We issued proceedings in the High Court and instructed expert witnesses to prepare reports on the client’s personal injuries, loss and damage.

The GP Surgery showed a willingness to settle the matter. We negotiated with the Defendant’s solicitors and reached a settlement of over £13,000.

Have you suffered because of GP negligence?

If you suffered as a result of GP negligence or being prescribed the wrong medication, our clinical negligence solicitors can advise you. Visit Medical Negligence Claims to learn more or Contact Us to arrange a free initial consultation with an expert.


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